Clue scrolls can be essential for almost all account types, especially ironmen. Knowing the rates of recieving needed items can be helpful when deciding on a game plan for one's account. Below, are numbers calculated using RSBuddy's Clue Scroll tool, located on their website. Note rate accuracy isn't exact, but should be fairly close, as the provided sample size was nearly 20 million clues (of all tiers).

Clue scroll detail(1)

Calculated Rates:Edit

Easy Clue Scrolls
Total Clues: 3,016,411
Flared Trousers 1/442 
Medium Clue Scrolls
Total Clues: 6,229,998
All specific items 1/261
Any headband 1/37
Any mitre 1/52
Any stole 1/87
Any crozier 1/87
Any boater 1/33
Hard Clue Scrolls
Total Clues: 9,206,243
Specific God D'hide Body 1/318
Specific God D'hide Chaps 1/318
Magic Shortbow 1/5
Specific God D'hide Boots 1/445
Any rune heraldic helm 1/63
Any rune heraldic shield 1/63
Bandos Platebody 1/315
Any god d'hide body 1/53
Any god d'hide chaps 1/53
Any god d'hide boots 1/74
Any stole 1/106
Any crozier 1/106
Elite Clue Scrolls
Total Clues: 1,046,511
Amulet of Fury Ornament Kit 1/216
Dragon Scimitar Ornament Kit 1/325
Master Clue Scrolls
Total Clues: 397,994
Amulet of Torture Ornament Kit 1/134
Occult Necklace Ornament Kit 1/139
Dragon Defender Ornament Kit 1/143
All-Clue Scroll Inclusive
Total Clues: 19,891,501
Any specific page of a specific book 1/166
Specific Blessing 1/197
Any blessing 1/33
Total clues to complete a book 664

Author: Elirond, information taken from