Construction can be frustating as an ultimate ironman, because you need to cut your own logs and use it as soon as you make them to planks. So a guide to help fellow Ultimate Ironmen could be useful.


Enlighted Journey
Varrock balloon transport system unlocked (post-quest)


Saw Bought at Sawmill Operator
Hammer Bought at any General Store
High level axe Adamant or better


1 Construction But this guide aims for 33 Construction for Oak Larders
30 Woodcutting For cutting Willow logs
30 Farming For growing a willow tree at Taverly (Do this pre-skilling)


Player-owned-house at Taverly
Coins - talking mils
16 free inventory spaces for the planks for 2 Oak Larders per trip If you think you can have 24 free inventory then go for 3 Oak Larders per trip
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Optional but highly recommended:

Optional but highly recommended:
70+ Agility
Full Graceful set
House teleport Only if teleporting back to POH after you made the planks, otherwise remember to cut 1 logs to ballon back to Taverly

Experience rates:

Experiance rates
Construction 30.000 exp/h
Woodcutting 20.000 exp/h
Magic 1.000 exp/h If teleporting to POH

Alrighty, now how to do it:

First of all, when you are meeting all the minimum requirements you are ready to go.

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Start off with cutting Oak logs next to the Sawmill Operator and pay him to make them into planks. Teleport back to POH and enter build mode. You can also use the balloon back to Taverly, but remember to cut 1 normal logs, then run to POH alter.

Make 2 (or 3) Oak Larders and then get out of POH and run to the Willow tree and cut 1 Willow logs. Use the balloon to Varrock. Cut the Oak tree for Oak logs, then talk to Sawmill Operator. Repeat.

I can say it is really click intensive, so you cant really afk this. (only when cutting Oak trees)

Made a video for the guide here

Join the clan chat "Ultimate CC" many professional ulties are in there, and definitely got answers to your questions.

- Kaizer