Anokus are a great task because they are always quiet and its single way combat so it's hard for a team to pj you there due to the anokus ghosts being aggressive. Anokus themselves are a great spot to lose pkers if you are doing chaos fanatic and a team rushes you.

If you are low level this is a safesp

ot to the north show by the blue circle. You hide behind a tree stump and lure a anoku to you. You only can have 1-3 anokus at a time and luring them is tricky. It’s not suggested but it is a option if you are a fresh account and want to fire strike them.

Escape routes Include the GWD agility shortcut, the GWD wilderness entrance (the least viable option, in fact could be more dangerous) And finally the kbd Lair entrance. Though it is suggested to not run from the Anoku area because you are relatively safe already.